Additionally, this era will proceed to modification the industry throughout the blurring of basic gender roles. Savvy sellers will develop their attain across gender lines to take advantage of the bigger, more distinctive ability marketplace for his or her items. Reports on Millennial annual buyingcontinual widely diversity between $125 billion and $890 billion. A more consistent estimate is $200 billion of direct buying power and $500 billion of indirect spending, in large part due to the affect at the spending of their mostly baby boomer fogeys. M1 With Millennials’ peak acquiringchronic nevertheless decades away, sellers would do well to establish relationships with this client drive. The largest lesson when advertising and marketing to Millennials is that corporations must know and use social media. “The Tree of Life” etz ha’chaim = 233. “The Tree of Knowledge of excellent and evil” etz hada’at tov v’rah = 932. 932 = 4 instances 233. Thus the ratio of the two bushes is “one to four” the “one” being the Tree of Life and the resulting “four” being the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. The word “good” tov, the beneficial drive of the Tree of Knowledge of excellent and evil = 17. The word “life” chaim, of the Tree of Life = 68.

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