And so, 10 = 1 plus 2 plus 3 plus 4. In the terminology of Kabbalah those four levels of the Divine “evolution” of fact are called: “the fundamental song” 1; “the double song” 2; “the triple song” 3; “the quadruple song” 4. In the soul of man who’s “a miniature universe”, the primary three concealed tiers 1 plus 2 plus 3 = 6 correspond to: the power of superconscious will 1, “the simple song”; the two highbrow powers of the mind knowledge and information–2, “the double song”; the 3 emotive powers of the center love, fear and mercy–3, “the triple song”. These levels are “concealed,” for they’re as yet unexpressed to the “other. ”The fourth stage is that of the 4 “found out” powers of the soul, which explicit themselves in one’s actions and words or styles of behavior conviction, dedication, devotion, speech–4, “the quadruple song. ” The first three of these are dimensions of “space”: up down; right left; entrance back respectively.

By mark