Python-Project-HelpFarm Animal Rights Movement. “Animal Death Statistics 2011. ” FARM For the Animals. N. p. , n. Med Educ 2008;42:294–300. Boelen C, Woollard B. Social responsibility and accreditation: A new frontier for academic establishments. Med Educ 2009;43:887–94. Population Census Organization: Government of Pakistan. 2011. ” This ultimately comfortable the requirement of the Fourth Amendment and is the foundation for locker searches these days. A direct explanation why from the court docket case for locker searches is that more students like T. L. O. may be employing lockers as storage for illegal substances. This case is used by some parents in arguing that the reward for preventing distribution of those ingredients far outweighs the risks of invading privacy. The look at pattern protected 349 pre carrier teachers studying at Trakya University Faculty of Education in 2012 2013 tutorial year fall term. The data were received employing Facebook Addiction Scale, Interaction Anxiousness Scale, the UCLA Loneliness Scale III and private advice form. In evaluation of knowledge, descriptive facts, Mann Whitney U Test, Kruskal Wallis H and correlation checks were benefited. The analysis findings revealed that social networking dependancy of pre service academics was at a low stage, the dating among interaction anxiousness and social networking dependancy was high, and the relationship between the degree of loneliness and social networking addiction was at a mid level. Moreover, in the analysis a statistically massive difference was bought among the variables of social networking dependancy and frequency of employing social networking, gender and the stage of grade they examine. Bu araştırmada, öğretmen adaylarının sosyal ağ sitesi bağımlılık durumlarının çeşitli değişkenler açısından incelenmesi, sosyal ağ sitesi bağımlılığı ile yalnızlık ve etkileşim kaygısı arasındaki ilişkinin değerlendirilmesi amaçlanmıştır.

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