Do-My-Python-Homework50% of teens in the US watch videos on Snapchat eMarketer, 2016 tweet150. eMarketer predicts that virtually 60 million US consumers will actively use Snapchat on a monthly basis this year eMarketer, 2016 tweet151. Snapchat is predicted to generate over $366 million in ad income in 2016 eMarketer, 2016 tweet152. Tumblr has more than 555 million energetic blog users month-to-month Statista, 2016 tweet153. Most Tumblr users are America, and between 25 and 34 years old eMarketer, 2016 tweet154. Tumblr users spend 3. 22% of on-line adults use Google+ greater than once a month Simply Measured, 2016 tweet90. 87% of the top 100 brands have a Google+ account, and 50% of them actively post each and every month Simply Measured, 2016 tweet91. Brand adoption on Google+ has grown 10% within the last year Simply Measured, 2016 tweet92. 49% of electronic sellers use Google+ Social Media Examiner, 2016 tweetWe can let you know love data, which is why we created this beautiful list of fifty surprising stats about online acceptance control stats for you to investigate out!Top Instagram Statistics You Don’t Want to Miss93. Instagram has more than 700 million monthly clients, with 200 million lively day-by-day Statista, 2017tweet94. Almost half of entire Internet users have an Instagram account Global Web Index, 2016 tweet95.

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