The list continues with Oklahoma, Oregon, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Florida, each with a divorce ranking of 12. 9%. ― Find The Data ➤ The states with the lowest divorce costs, as per the previous resource, are New Jersey 8. 5%, New York 8. 6%, Utah 9. 2%, North Dakota 9. The 13 notches supposedly were the illustration of the once a year number of feminine lunar menstrual cycles, considering the fact that a traditional cycle is of 28 days. The digit thirteen was, therefore, regarded to be lucky all over the ancient era of goddess worshiping. With the onset of Christianity however, pagan goddess worship was done away with altogether. Temples of pagan gods and goddesses were demolished, thus rendering 13 unfortunate. According to the Quran, Adam was created by God on a Friday. But later, Eve had enticed Adam to consume the forbidden fruit of worldly advantage, thus corrupting him on a Friday.

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